Levante Kitchen

Fairy tales kitchens are True now

Levante Kitchens is part of Nabina holding company. It is specialized in providing state of the art kitchen designs along with high-end appliances. Our products are made exclusively in Germany using their finest materials.

Our company focuses on high quality planning and production. Précised architecture along with the following latest technologies. Whether you like the kitchen design to be pure, modern, cottage style or simply sustainable, Levante Kitchens provides all those designs and more. In addition, utility rooms along with various types of cutlery trays and lightings are also in store.

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Our Vision

Our kitchens are well known for their durability, luxury and state of the art technology. We intend to follow the highest standards to transform your dreams and needs to a real kitchen. We also look forward in expanding our journey globally in the near future.


Our Excellence

We handpick materials with excellent workmanship to ensure quality at its finest. Our products go into series production, all the materials used are subjected to extensive test procedures in the laboratory for a minimum service life of fifteen years, inspected and certified by independent international institutes.

Our products hold various special features not limited to matte and glass surfaces that are anti-slip and anti-fingerprint. Also, we have different types of utilizing space unites with slide out shelfs and bases that can be a perfect solution for small spaces without sacrificing elegance.