Nabina Ceramic

Largest stock & Biggest showroom in region

Nabina Ceramic has been standing strongly in the market for more than half century. During this long period the market has been through many changes but Nabina has been always up to latest trends.

Our company offers a variety of high quality floorings like ceramic, engineered wood, natural stone, porcelain and heavy duty tiles with wide selection of brands and colors to choose from. We also offer collections of sanitary ware, fixtures and accessories.

We are proud to say that we follow the quality all over the world by exporting best supplies from all continentals. We export from Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, USA, South Africa, Oman, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Singapore, Germany, Taiwan, Greece, Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, Vietnam and India.

Our Excellence

Nabina Ceramic has the largest stock worldwide with one of the biggest showroom in the region. Our array of high-end product line brand carries finesse quality features.

Our company ensures customer trust and satisfaction with commitment to top quality service. We pride ourselves by living our motto:

“All requirements for modern home under one roof”.

Nabina’s workforce holds a strong aspirations, pooling their expertise and knowledge add new value to customer’s lives earn their trust and providing core attention in their activities.

Our Vision

Nabina Ceramic aims to be the league leader in ceramic industry in the Gulf Region and be the top brand they can depend on.

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Best Services

for Best Qualities

In Nabina Ceramic we provide the best services. We have a very professional project team that does best designs even to small areas. We also offer different types and textures of marble plus the service of cutting it.

Our company has a complete glass factory handling all glass operation the customer may need including variety of glass types to choose from. We offer different types of kitchens fulfilling all tests all come with latest technology, highest quality and all are German made. As a service to our loyal customers once purchasing from our showroom we provide Free designing to the targeted area.

Moreover, we bring best of Sika Products to be available in more range of customers in Qatar.



Nabina has a wide range of international brands as Gianni Versace, Gardenia, Saloni, Kludi, Toto, RAK Ceramics, Laticrete, American specialties and so on. The brands represent items as sanitary wares, bathrom accessories, mixers, tile adhesives, grouts and waterproofing materials.